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Gambling platform for cyber cafe up to 6%

This program is used in 37% of cyber cafe in Italy
Limitation of the maximum winnings: payout of the cafe 50%-99%, CashBack 10%-50%
160 games, 73 of them are HD-quality. Time-tested hits and latest developments. Every month updates
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Among different ambitious and perspective gaming companies Globalslots system deserves special attention as it has grown exponentially and quite successfully. Monthly update, release of HD high quality games, up-to-date design and advanced features allow being on top of the latest tendencies in the gaming industry. Consisting of people who respect their clients' will, the company has gathered talented and highly-motivated professionals who are ready to devote all their time in order to gain success and recognition with our online casino software contacts. More than 700 clubs are profitably collaborating with Globalslots Gaming process. As a rule, cash back average 0%- 50%.

Technical support Globalslots casino

Technical support Globalslots is organized on the high level. License agreement and legal platforms are transparent and available for everyone. If you want to get acquainted more closely with this system it is possible to get demo-version first in order to have a clear idea of the main concept. Service staff is ready to answer different questions and provide with essential support on a 24-hours basis. There is also a valid guarantee of 4 operating systems (Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS) support. System is also appropriate for games with 2 monitors (Touch screen and standard personal computers). Trouble-free operating can be also on the list of main advantages of serious technical support. Mobility of specialists helps to avoid different problems connected with the server. The most considerable aspect of the system is stability and security. On a monthly basis, there is a flexible algorithm which manages each club independently. Furthermore, it is possible to create personal platform or choose from a catalogue.

Casino software support team

From time to time online casino clubs need help or advice on any matter. There are different kinds of problems: a problem with the installation of a game, the need for fulfilment of all the conditions of a bonus, the security check account and much more. A team of technical support of each online casino Global Slots helps in all these nuances. Player support is carried out via phone, viber, skype, email and live chat help casino. For communicating with the service, it is strongly recommended to use live chat help casino, in this case a user gets the answer to his question in a minute. Technical support of an online casino must not only resolve all questions of customers, moreover, it must do it every day and night, 24/7. Unlike offline, casino online version does not have a fixed schedule, as it is considered to be one of the main advantages to be enjoyed at any time, in any place where there is access to the Internet. Also, do not forget that people from all over the world in different time zones play online casino, and they always can urgently require assistance in an immediate solution to a problem. Technical support of an online casino works in several ways. Communication with a telephone consultant is one of the most widespread ones. Another popular type of support is the advice by email. Recently, however, the widely used method of communication with customers, which has virtually no disadvantages This method is the live chat help casino which allows you to receive free and immediate assistance at any time. Live chat is an instant messenger that connects users with casino employee, regardless of the location of both. Therefore, if there is an option to contact the support team in this way- just choose it. Live chat system helps to contact customer service in a matter of seconds.